Weight Loss Diet Doctor Miami

What is More Important? Dieting or Exercise?

Weight Loss Diet Doctor Miami

At Kitsune, we have been asked countless times by patients if weight loss and dieting are both really necessary. We are also asked if one is more important than the other. We understand the importance of exercise and healthy diets, and we make sure to implement both into our custom weight loss package that we offer to our customers. After having been asked those questions, our Weight Loss Diet Doctor Miami wants to explain why both are important and how they work together to give you the results that you want and need.

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What are the benefits of both exercise and dieting?

  1. Exercise improves your mood AND so does dieting: When you exercise daily, it has been proven to give you a better mood to tackle the day ahead! Dieting also helps give you healthier food options that can help improve your overall mood from all of its nutrients.
  2. Exercise boosts your energy and so does eating healthier: When you begin to eat nutritious and healthier foods, your body reacts well to it and instantly gains more energy. This helps increase your metabolism as well!
  3. If you are trying to prevent future conditions and diseases then exercise and eating healthy both do the job. The best Weight Loss Diet Doctor Miami understands the importance of losing weight in order to prevent future health risks like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and strokes!

The last and final point is that both exercise and dieting contribute to weight loss. One might have a particular reaction to one more than the other and just one appointment with a Kitsune doctor can decipher that. We make sure to evaluate certain reactions, your body, and your weight and metabolism.

From that, we draw a conclusion and figure if one works more than the other for you, and we’ll make sure to customize your weight loss plan according to that!

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