What’s the Best Way to Continue Losing Weight?

Tips on Weight Loss

When you lose weight, it can be easy to take a wrong step and mess up your progress. It is important to keep on progressing while losing weight so you can keep your motivation to continue. It can be easy to lose motivation and stop trying, especially when you are not seeing any results or progress. At Kitsune Medical Weight Loss, we know some great Tips on Weight Loss that will help you keep seeing progress and keep you motivated to keep on going. Read more

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Weight Loss Plan

With Summer coming up soon, working on losing weight is important so you look great when you go out to the beach with friends and family. There are supplements and pills that claim to help you lose weight fast, but they are actually unhealthy. At Kitsune Medical Weight loss, our Weight Loss Plan can help you achieve the results that you want safely, healthily, and easily. Our expert physicians and nutritionists tailor a plan that suits your needs so you can achieve results more effectively. When you are on our plan, you will not believe how easy it is to lose weight! Read more

Top Foods to Avoid While Trying to Lose Weight!

Best Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight can sometimes be difficult. There are many factors that you have to take into account, especially in what you eat. When on a weight loss diet it is hard to break old habits and eat completely healthy. Sometimes, we even think that the food we are eating is healthy when it really is not. At Kitsune Medical Weight loss, we want to help by giving you some of our Best Weight Loss Tips. Read more

Learn About Our Natural Weight Loss Program That Works!

Natural Weight Loss Program

If you are looking to lose weight quickly and effectively for Summer, there are many programs that claim to help your weight loss safely but are actually harmful to your health. Losing weight naturally and healthily can be easy if you know where to go. At Kitsune Medical Weight Loss, our Natural Weight Loss Program will be sure to give you the results that you want, just in time for Summer. Our nutritionists and physicians will make a plan that is tailored to your needs and medical history so your results are as effective as possible. Read more

How Does the HCG Diet Help You Lose Weight?

HCG for Weight Loss

If you are a woman who is trying to lose weight but are not seeing the results that you want, Kitsune Medical Weight Loss may have the right solution for you. We offer Human Chorionic Gonadotropin weight loss, which can be the breakthrough you have been looking for. Our professional physicians will work with you to see if HCG for Weight Loss is the right option for you. It is a hormone that is produced during pregnancy that can assist in helping you lose weight quickly and safely. Even if it is not the right choice for you, we still have plenty of other ways you can achieve your desired results.

If HCG for Weight Loss is an option you choose, you will be placed on a diet that will restrict you to only 500-800 calories a day. HCG injections reduce the feelings of hunger though, and you may lose up to a pound a day. HCG also allows your body not to lose any muscle, which is characteristic of this kind of rapid weight loss. If it is difficult for you to lose weight and you have already had several pregnancies or are going through menopause, you may be qualified for this diet.

HCG Injections

An HCG for Weight Loss diet has three phases:

  1. During the first phase, for 2-3 days you can eat whatever you desire and however much you want.
  2. During phase two, your diet begins and lasts for about 21 days. In this period you will begin your HCG injections and eat foods recommended to you by your doctor.
  3. In phase three your HCG injections stop but your calorie restriction keeps going for another three days so the HCG is removed from your system. Then, you can begin to up your calorie intake.

Throughout this entire process, our doctors will be monitoring and be guiding your progress.

At Kitsune Medical Weight Loss, we want to provide people with the fastest and safest ways to lose weight. We understand that dieting and exercise are difficult which is why our team is ready to support and guide you the entire way. With an entire team behind you, achieving the results you want will be easy.

Weight Loss Tips

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Weight Loss Physicians

Losing weight can be a difficult challenge, especially if you are wanting to do it safely and healthily! Many people attempt to lose weight by taking dangerous pills or going to extreme measures like starving themselves. They believe that there is no way to lose weight fast and healthily, but fortunately, they are wrong. At Kitsune Medical Weight Loss, we have the best Weight Loss Physicians who can create a personalized diet and exercise plan for you that will help you achieve the results you want. Rather than try to risk your health trying to lose weight, we will help you towards your goal safely!

One of the most unhealthy choices you can make when trying to lose weight is to eat little to nothing at all. When you do not eat you risk malnutrition, and your metabolism slows down. So when you eventually eat something it will take longer for your body to digest and process. At Kitsune Medical Weight Loss, our Weight Loss Physicians will create a diet plan that will allow you to lose weight while eating food normally. Do not worry about eating foods you hate because we will take your tastes into account when creating your plan.

Best Weight Loss Diet

When on a weight loss plan it can become easy to lose motivation to continue, especially if you are not seeing results as fast as you had hoped. When you join us, our Weight Loss Physicians will require you to come in weekly for a progress visit. During your visit, we will weigh you, take your blood pressure, and measure your body fat to see how well you are progressing. We will also offer you encouragement so you can keep your journey strong. If you have an entire team rooting for you, results will come faster than you expect.

At Kitsune Medical Weight Loss, we want to help you lose weight as safely and healthily as possible. Our Weight Loss Physicians are looking forward to working with you to create a weight loss plan that is personalized to your needs. Do not think you need to do anything unhealthy to lose weight effectively!

Medical Weight Loss

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How to Avoid Bad Habits and Replace Them with Good Ones.

Affordable Nutritional Weight Loss Program

When starting or maintaining a diet, it is important to avoid bad habits that can hinder and stop the results you are working towards. It can be difficult to have the discipline necessary to stick to the good habits needed to make sure you are on the right path with your weight loss. Sometimes, we may think that we are creating good habits and making progress but it turns out we may be doing the opposite. At Kitsune Medical Weight Loss, we can create an Affordable Nutritional Weight Loss Program that is personalized for you to achieve effective and lasting results. Read more

Weight Loss Can Be a Tough Journey but Don’t Let It Stop You from Reaching Your Goals! Contact Us Today!

Affordable Natural Weight Loss Program

Losing weight can be difficult, especially if you are doing it alone. There are many different setbacks you can encounter that will make your goals seem farther away. Picking the right foods to eat, exercise routine, and consistently following them is not easy a first. Many people start trying to lose weight but stop soon after because they did not have anyone to hold them accountable. At Kitsune Medical Weight Loss, we provide the best Affordable Natural Weight Loss Program, and our team will encourage you throughout your journey. Having a supportive team behind you makes all the difference in your results. Read more

Need Help Losing Weight? We Can Help You Get Results!

Weight Loss Doctor in Kendall

No matter how hard you may try, sometimes stubborn weight does not want to be shed. Even if you are exercising daily and eating healthy, it may seem that you are not getting the results that you want. That is why having a dedicated team behind you, that helps create a plan suited for you and helps you get results is so important. At Kitsune Medical Weight Loss, offered only at Fox Medical Centers, we can provide you with the best Weight Loss Doctor in Kendall who can create a plan specifically for you to help you achieve the fitness results that you are wanting. Read more

Here Are a Few Tips on Breaking Away from Bad Eating Habits!

Healthy Eating Plan

In theory, diets should be easy. Who doesn’t want to eat healthier and lose weight in the process? However, the execution of diets is where we usually fall flat. It is easy to revert to old eating habits and stop making progress. Dieting by yourself is difficult, which is why at Kitsune Medical Weight Loss we will have a team of expert physicians and nutritionists behind you for support. We will create a Healthy Eating Plan that fits your needs and also help you follow through with it. If you ever feel unmotivated, remember that we are still here cheering you on. So, how can you break away from old eating habits? Read more