HCG Weight Loss in Kendall

HCG Weight Loss in Kendall

HCG Weight Loss in Kendall

Are you trying to lose weight in a specific area of your body? Are you tired of the fat located in your thighs, arms and back? The Kitsune team can help you out! The HCG Weight Loss in Kendall program can help you drop weight in a dramatic way in a short period of time. This is a delicate program where patients have a serious calorie restriction of about 500-800 calories a day and is paired with an injection. However, our doctors may change the calorie count for each patient’s needs. The HCG injections reduces the hunger in patients making the calorie restriction easy to follow and the best part of it all is that you drop weight and you don’t lose muscle. It also calms your anxiety and makes you feel comfortable eating less.

You may be a candidate for HCG Weight Loss in Kendall if:

  • You have type 2 diabetes
  • Have had several pregnancies
  • You have trouble getting rid of fat in your arms, belly, thighs and back
  • Have a slow metabolism
  • You are currently going through menopause and andropause

HCG Weight Loss

HCG Weight Loss in Kendall is safe and effective. Our licensed specialist  and Kitsune team will take the time to analyze you and your medical history in order to provide you a great experience and effective. The doctors will educate you, guide you and give you all the information of the three different phases of this program. We want to provide you a solution to your problem! It is time for you start feeling comfortable and confident in your skin.
We would be happy to assist you with more information about our HCG Weight Loss in Kendall program, please call us at 305-595-1300 or click here to make an appointment today!