Best Miami Weight Loss Program

Top Nutrients That Can Help Your Weight Loss!

Best Miami Weight Loss Program

Losing weight involves more than just exercise and wishful thinking. In order to see results, you need to feed your body the nutrients it needs. Many individuals who set off on their weight loss journeys make the mistake of following popular diet fads. Some view carbs as the enemy while others swear by all kale meals, all the time. These diets are often a fad and while they may show temporary results, they will not help you change your lifestyle in the long run. Realistically, who could survive off of kale and lemon spice cleanses for the rest of their life?

Our experts at Kitsune Medical Weight Loss understand that successful weight loss requires a healthy, balanced diet of a variety of nutrients. In case you are at a loss of which nutrients you should be consuming on a regular basis, we have compiled a list.

  • Fiber – Fruits, whole grains, and vegetables are all jam-packed with healthy fibers. Fiber helps fight off hunger by helping you feel fuller with less food. However, the most fiber in fruits and vegetables are found in their skins, so try to avoid peeling your apples and potatoes!
  • Protein – High in TEF, protein fills you with energy and burns more calories as your body processes it. It is also a great way to build muscle strength after workouts and physical activity. Foods that are high in protein include fish, lean chicken, eggs, nuts, and beans.
  • Unsaturated Fats – While you may want to avoid anything with the word “fat” in it like the plague, some fats are actually essential for your body. Good fats come from foods such as avocados, olives, salmon, and walnuts. Because our bodies do not produce fat on their own, it is important to consume a healthy amount to keep yourself healthy.
  • Resistant Starch – Some weight loss “experts” will tell you to stay away from carbs at all costs. However, what they don’t know, is that the right kinds of fats can make a huge difference in the results you see. By consuming resistant starches found in bananas, yams, and corn, your body will naturally burn more calories and even strengthen your immune system.

Kitsune Medical Weight Loss has the Best Miami Weight Loss Program. Our knowledgeable nutritionists can design a meal plan based on your weight, body fat, and blood pressure. We will also be there to provide support throughout the process, as we know how tough sticking to a plan may be.

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